Very thoughtful of him. We took the cable car

From Tuesday, July 28, 2015 to Friday, July 31, my father and I took a city trip to Barcelona. We flew with Ryanair and booked a hotel through The hotel was outside of the city but very close to the metro station.

The first day we unfortunately had gray skies. Unfortunately we didn’t have that long, so I wanted to see everything as soon as possible. We went to Parc Guell first. Antoni Gaudi made this park on behalf of Eusebi Güell. The park is beautiful with palm trees and separate buildings and stones. We also walked past the house where Gaudi used to live. We also wanted to enter the museum, but unfortunately we had to wait 4 hours. Fortunately we could walk around the park, this way you can also see everything. Then we walked to the Arc de Triomf, a red brick triumphal arch. This is the original entrance to the Parc de la Ciutadella.

A city park with a beautiful fountain: Font de la Cascada. My dad was really impressed. I had already planned the routes in advance. The fountain was a real surprise to my father. He did not expect the park to be so beautiful. Then we walked on to the shopping streets, where we ate some pizza. We continued to the Ramblas where many street artists could be seen. They were all dressed up and you could have your picture taken with them. Close by was La Boqueria, a very large market. Here you get all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It all looks very attractive. Especially the fruit smoothies, hmm !! At the very end of the Ramblas, on the roundabout, I saw the Columbus statue showing the way. This is called “Mirador de Colom”. There are many neighborhoods in this region with many palm trees. They can be photographed everywhere. Maybe that’s what I like best about Barcelona. All the palm trees that are there! This really gives you a holiday feeling. We walked to the harbor. It is the main port of the Spanish region and is located on the Mediterranean sea. A large swing bridge has been placed at the harbor, which leads you to the shopping center. Here we sat on a terrace in the evening. The bridge is then beautifully lit. On the bridge there are all kinds of people with things that you can buy. This varies from souvenirs to bags and shoes. We walked back to the metro via the Ramblas and you could even get portraits painted at various stalls. We paused to admire the result of a number of tourists.

Font de la CascadaFont de la Cascada

Montserrat was scheduled for the next day. Take a hike through the mountains and see the Montserrat Monastery. The monastery is located at an altitude of 720 meters. We were waiting for the bus and asked a guy who was also waiting which bus we should have exactly. The boy turned out to be a student who happened to live nearby. He really wanted to bring us. We got on the bus and got off where the boy lived. This was just out of town. His father had his own bakery at home. He took us to the entrance by car. We wanted to give him money but he absolutely did not want to. We had never experienced this before. Very thoughtful of him. We took the cable car up towards the mountains. Here they turned out to have the tastiest ice cream I’ve ever had. Delicious! After that we had mapped out a route of 2 hours. The route consisted of irregular stairs that went up very steeply. It was very tough because it was very hot in the meantime. My father couldn’t keep it up anymore, unfortunately we had to go back down. I would have liked to go to the end. In the picture you can see the beautiful view from the mountains. We went back by train. We were now really ready for an afternoon at the beach. First we sat on a terrace near the water. Then we went for a walk on the beach with our feet in the water. We really enjoyed this. Then we sat down on the rocks along the water and walked along the boulevard a while later. On the beach we had a delicious hamburger for little money. I would have preferred to eat these every day. In the evening we went by metro to the famous church: La Sagrada familia. The most beautiful church I have ever seen.
View Barcalona View Barcalona

The last day I planned to go to Blanes by train. We went to the beach and then to the botanical garden: Jardi Botanic Marimurta. I had researched this well in advance on the internet. And it was really worth to visit. It was beautiful. Just what I hoped for. You have a beautiful view of the sea and a few rocks. Truly paradise. You can also take beautiful pictures from the white dome. On the right side of this dome is a very small beach. All the flowers and plants were so beautiful. Fortunately my father thought it was beautiful too. We really got to taste a beautiful piece of nature here. Then it was the turn of the next project.

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