My dad was really impressed. I had already

A city park with a beautiful fountain: Font de la Cascada. My dad was really impressed. I had already planned the routes in advance. The fountain was a real surprise to my father. He did not expect the park to be so beautiful. Then we walked on to the shopping streets, where we ate some pizza. We continued to the Ramblas where many street artists could be seen. They were all dressed up and you could have your picture taken with them. Close by was La Boqueria, a very large market. Here you get all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It all looks very attractive. Especially the fruit smoothies, hmm !! At the very end of the Ramblas, on the roundabout, I saw the Columbus statue showing the way. This is called “Mirador de Colom”. There are many neighborhoods in this region with many palm trees. They can be photographed everywhere. Maybe that’s what I like best about Barcelona. All the palm trees that are there! This really gives you a holiday feeling. We walked to the harbor. It is the main port of the Spanish region and is located on the Mediterranean sea. A large swing bridge has been placed at the harbor, which leads you to the shopping center. Here we sat on a terrace in the evening. The bridge is then beautifully lit. On the bridge there are all kinds of people with things that you can buy. This varies from souvenirs to bags and shoes. We walked back to the metro via the Ramblas and you could even get portraits painted at various stalls. We paused to admire the result of a number of tourists.

Font de la CascadaFont de la Cascada

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